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Moso Purifying Bag Small


The Moso bag contains 100% bamboo charcoal, which is renowned for its eco-friendly properties, and naturally filter the air without giving off a scent. A purifier in a bag, Moso absorbs unpleasant odors throughout the home, such as smoke, pets and mildew, as well as picking up airborne bacteria, allergens and excessive moisture. Renew the Moso bag power once a month by leaving it in the sun for about an hour, each bag will last up to two years, and they’re equally handy in cars and offices as well as around home. After your Moso bag has reached its life expectancy (up to two years), cut the bag open and spread the bamboo charcoal into your plants or garden. The bamboo charcoal will help your plants grow bigger and stronger.

Design: Moso Natural
Volume: 200g Bag - Perfect for smaller areas in your home such as bathrooms, closets, hampers, laundry area. Each 200g bag will cover up to 90 square feet.
Item Shown: Tan small Moso bag (200g)
Available Colors: Black, Green, Tan

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